Karloveské rameno

Bratislava – Karlova Ves, Slovakia
178 sqm
2017 – 2018

Landscape : 2ka
Photography : studio flusser

The roof apartment in a recently completed residential project in a family detached house for one in the city environment. Own generous terrace, and proximity to nature and, above all, the peace of mind that was the goal of a new household arrangement.
The views from the common spaces – on the life on the river and into the Bratislava “wilderness” – are orientated east and south. Contact with the surrounding landscape is supported by a large-format sliding glazing, leading to the terrace that almost doubles the apartment area. In the living room connected with the dining room, as well as in the adjacent kitchen, there is no place from which one would not have the opportunity to relax by looking at the greenery. The apartment became an oasis of light changing the atmosphere of natural materials during the day, and underlying purity of the architecturally dominant white color.

The whiteness of the walls, cabinets, and shelves corresponds to the lifestyle of the apartment’s inhabitants as well as to their liking to surround themselves with artistic and decorative objects, which get thus highlighted and co-create identity of the interior. The ergonomically designed kitchen forms a logistical node between the bedroom and the living room and benefits from the visual contact with the garden. On the contrary, the night private zone is separated from the public area by the sliding door made of opaque glass. It is thus easy to achieve privacy or maximum opening of the layout – communication and natural flow between the bedroom through the kitchen to the dining and living room. The library, shelves with hidden drawers, hallway and kitchen cabinets are custom-made of smooth or profiled milled fiberboards lacquered in white.