Since the editorial office of the Catholic newspaper required considerable area and spatial requirements in its locality plan, we decided to provide the existing building with a cross courtyard, which is also the main entrance to the editorial board. While filling the existing building with the given functions it would be impossible to comply with the hygiene requirements of the workplaces or with the functional – operational relations.

The construction of the annexe would be addressed outside the ground plan of the cellars with the help of an existing brick wall, as we are located in the historical centre rich in Gothic cellars. If the editorial office of the Catholic newspaper decides to reduce its requirements, it may reassess the annexe or offer it to another tenant. There are four parking spaces available and there is the possibility of a few cars parking in the access area. From an urban point of view, we consider the proposal to be non-conflicting and logical.

It responds sensitively to the scale of the surrounding area and the mass – space solution of the proposed annexe is based on the existing structure of the old city of Bratislava. It does not try to expand, it complements the courtyard wing of the existing building, leaving it to be the “building atrium”. This contributes to the mutual intimacy of the already quite confronted surrounding buildings.

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Total area: 400 sqm
Designed and built: 2011 with MELISMICHALKO.sk